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Noon-Time News

In Hot Off the Gun on February 14, 2012 at 2:37 PM

Did my workout at noon in between classes, and so I’m posting this now, rather than paying attention in my 498 class.

  • Reid Coolsaet’s going to the Olympic Games this summer, and you can come along for the ride. Well, at least watch his trip. He’s the subject of a documentary “The Road to London”, and you can see a teaser trailer here:
  • Its a new week (and a new Tuesday), and as such, there are new USTFCCCA team rankings! Check where your teams are, and see who you’ve gotta beat heading down the homestretch of the indoor season. Sadly, neither Illinois team is ranked, despite a couple of big races this weekend.
  • A pole vault competition in Donetsk provides a model for how to market a good meet:
  • In a rare Tuesday meet, some good mid-d races are going down in Lievin, France (cue everyone Googling that city). Here’s the IAAF preview for this meet:

There’s your daily dose of track news, hope you’re having a good day. And I’ll post a short piece about my workout today..boy was it ever exciting.


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